My Favorite Fantasy Short Story

My Favorite Fantasy Short Story

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Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you about “Dragon Lake.” So this is a swan lake retelling, and if you’re not familiar with it, the original story goes: it’s one of those Dinsey-esque stories where it has a princess transformed into a swan that can only be transformed back by the kiss of a prince.

But “Dragon Lake” is pretty different.

So we start with Odette, and she’s got a pretty big problem. Every night, she transforms into a bloodthirsty dragon that doesn’t recognize friend from foe. And the only way to break this curse is by killing.

And Odette’s one kill away from ending it all. The only problem is that her last target is a handsome prince, a pretty good person. Who has actually treated her with some real humanity despite her condition.

What I love about “Dragon Lake” is that it’s a flip on the old situation where you have the princess being guarded the dragon waiting for the prince to save her. It takes that whole situation and turns it on its head. So it’s a nice little break from those traditional plot lines.

My other favorite part about this is that it’s a pretty quick story. Emotions start running high pretty fast. “Dragon Lake” is an emotional, tightly paced, action-packed gut punch of a story that I hope you’ll give a shot. Especially if you like a twist on those old, tired plots.

Thanks for watching!

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