Oath Taker Review

Oath Taker Review

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What’s my favorite ever indie book? It happened to be one of the first indie titles I ever read.

Oath Taker was my first Audrey Grey book, and I’ve been hooked on indies ever since! What makes this book so special? I’m glad you asked.

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Video transcript:

Hey everyone, today I’d like to talk to you about Oath Taker, the first book in the Kindgom of Runes series by Audrey Grey.

So if you’ve never read these books, the first thing you want to know is this is the beauty and beast retelling you’ve been looking for.

ACOTAR who? Read this.

Second thing I can say about this: if you do like Sarah J. Maas, you will like these. Diversions? In the romance? I won’t say any more to spoil anything, but you get that with these books.

The third thing to remember about this: the heroine, Haven, is the prince’s body guard, so it’s a cool gender-swap of beauty and the beast.

And she is an all-around badass. She’s got both light and dark magic–a cool concept just in and of itself. She’s a survivor, which is really cool. Respect for that.

And last, Audrey Grey is one of my favorite authors. She could put out a cookbook, and I would read it in a day.

She’s got this way of writing books that makes you want to read chapter after chapter after chapter. And you don’t know where your life has gone after you read all her books because you will need to read all of them once you start. It’s a bit of an addiction.

Alright, thanks for watching!

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