Stolen Mayfly Bride Review

Stolen Mayfly Bride Review

Lyrical, beautifully written prose in an unputdownable story of romantic fantasy–that’s Stolen Mayfly Bride by Sarah K. L. Wilson. When she only lives one day out of the year, how can they be together?

Somewhere early on, I began to care very deeply about Vidar and Elkhana and just how their story would play out.

My god, my emotions. This is a fantastically evocative read. These two are perfect for each other, but Wilson kept me on pins and needles, hoping against hope that they would get their happy ending.

After all, how can the mayfly seer Elkhana and the disgraced fae Vidar be together?

As mayfly seer, Elkhana is trapped in an ebony cage under magic seal to only appear on earth a mere one day of the year. Both are outcasts in their own worlds, belonging nowhere and with no one else.

I loved the push and pull of time in this story. On one hand, Vidar’s time stretches out into near infinity as a fae. Elkhana, a human, is practically immortal, though by some ancient magic that keeps her time on earth reserved to a mere one day a year. Decades pass in the span of what feels like a month to her.

The atmosphere and world building was expertly done. It’s a short read, but by no means does it feel lacking or rushed.

Stop what you’re doing and read this one! And be prepared to be obsessed with it until you finish.

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