The Shadows Between Us Review

The Shadows Between Us Review

Alessandra’s not the most typical of young adult protagonists. She’s vain, ambitious to a fault, and perhaps even evil. In her own words, she’s a murderess (this is not a spoiler, as it’s revealed on page one!).

She’s great. And lots of other readers feel the same. How?

Tricia Levenseller’s The Shadows Between Us is, in the most succinct way I can phrase it, an ode to every underestimated woman and girl out there.

While at first glance, Alessandra’s plan might put off some for its cold-blooded nature, I found myself quickly rooting for her.

Her plan?

  1. Seduce the king.
  2. Marry him.
  3. Kill him for his power.

Just who is Alessandra Stathos?

She’s the second daughter of a father desperate for a high bride-price, a father all too ready to sell off his second-born to any man with a title and moderately wealthy estate.

In this kingdom, women are not permitted bed partners before marriage. As widows, they must observe mourning for a full year following their husband’s death (mourning here meaning they must always wear black and cannot remarry). Only the eldest daughter of a family is permitted to be seen at social gatherings. When she is wed off, the second eldest is free to do so, etc.

Alessandra has some changes to the law in mind for when she seizes power from the fabled Shadow King.

The only problem with this? The Shadow King wields a shadow magic that makes killing him–let alone seducing him–near impossible.

But Alessandra’s nothing if not determined.

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